Friday, 29 April 2011

Moving Scene - 2nd Pass

The next process was to then add yet more refining of the poses and timing whilst adding more believability. To edge this forward I've always believed that adding in the lip sync and facial expressions early tend to help me with the animation. Not only does it bring the piece to life but also gives something to look at when the characters in a holding position. It helps me then understand how holding poses are working and whether they need to be refined or binned. Not to mention some constraint problems with the hands as I'm sure you can see but those where pushed aside for now....

With a good 1st pass of lip sync done my next stage was looking back at the animation. Again more in-between key frame's where required to breakdown the animation to fundamentally make the piece more appealing and realistic. Despite still having a very twinned pose on James and some timing to sort out with him at the end of the scene I was achieving noticeable progress with thoughts of happiness yet thoughts of what I had to change next.

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