Friday, 29 April 2011

Moving Scene - Refining the animation.

With the start of some real refining and in between keys coming into place the piece again steps up in believability. The use of overlap, arms bouncing back onto bodies along with offsetting keys its now when the animation truly comes into play and the real breakdown beings. I still need to crucially add slow-ins and bounce backs so when the character hits a pose he/she doesn't seem to hit a brick wall. All in all theres some good amount of overlap in parts and some weight going on with the box which is working but still quite a bit of work to do!

By the painful process of exporting the animation as jpg's and then exporting through premiere pro the audio and poses/lip sync finally match up. So with this adding more realism via selling key pose hits and lip sync, the piece once more steps up a gear. Having added slow-ins to the piece there is very little frozen movement which is nice too see as the animation is constantly flowing. With that in mind these slow-ins need to be worked a bit further as well as some breakdowns on James in order to make some actions seem less key frame - key frame.

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