Thursday, 5 May 2011

Ultimate image.

With another deadline about to be hit the class was assigned a project in order of creating an ultimate image. By using grid systems that are consistently used in film and advertising posters the assignment was to research and show an understanding of them in order to produce our very own design. The image should contain a hierarchy of focal points whilst reflecting the subject area I'm studying. Here it is then:

A great blog to check out is this guy Kingston's work. There's some exceptional
amount of greatly detailed concept ideas. The work shows off his understanding
of design, perspective, attitude an shows him capable of sketching all sorts of
designs from humans to beats to aliens. His work is truly great and I highly
recommend looking at this blog.

1st Submittal

Below is the 1st submittal piece for my final major project. It puts together all my animation work so far telling how far I've progressed/ am progressing as the projects deadline slowly but surely closes in.
With 2 weeks left on the project I still have a considerable amount to get done with some problems arising on 1 collab project holding me back. For the last day though I've concentrated my efforts on finishing my ultimate image project for tomorrow. But anyway
heres the 1st submittal:

Unique Sculpture.

A few days Back I came across the above image, obviously representing
a whale using wire the designer has successfully put together this
sculpture with time an accuracy and its a very pleasing image to view.

Some images for my website.

For another area of this years work we are to produce a website at the moment
its going well and I'm nearly at the finishing stages. Below are just some of the
images you'll find in my website. However I'm waiting for it to be finished
before publishing it.

Inspirational Character expressions.

With the following images I've concentrated on focusing in on character
expressions. An important part in the animation process the character
expression is conveying emotion and what the character feels at the
time. It works by creating an over exaggerated expression in order
for the viewer to associate with what the character is feeling . Through
expressions and personality the image comes to life and that is animation!

Varied emotions and postures portray an appealing character.

Bugs bunny loosing his cool.

More interesting expressions and postures.

Very well drawn saddened emotional state of mind character.

A unique and interesting way of posing a character in fear an uncertainty

Friday, 29 April 2011

Collab - Creature Animations

With the easter break coming to an end I started as busy as ever. Starting on my collaborative project it was an exciting prospect to have a brand new character designed by my classmates to work on and a nice break from my previous animations .

So here are the scenes of varying body mechanics that I've been working on so far: