Friday, 29 April 2011

Scream Blocking

The main idea behind this scene was to convey attitude. In order to to make her anger believable the poses needed to suit her anger and portray why she's angry.....the result is she's eating a chocolate bar whilst aggressively payzing back an forth as she tells her partner of her problems. I believe with the hip motion I've captured her divalent personality then with the rash expressive hands actions you can tell of her frustration. The end is a bit soft an perhaps needed to be more in your face....

Not too much has changed here but the end sequence involves the character following through with the throw coming towards screen. This follows by a huff an looking away from her partner as if to say she has no time for him. With that included it means that the characters anger seems more thorough as she sort of attacks her partner. So far its got some elements of attitude but needs to be re-worked in places.

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