Friday, 29 April 2011

Restaurant Scene - Blocking

Concentrating on Frazer above I tried to go for quite an innocent appeal. I added in some kind of ignorant looking around the restaurant character attributes at the beginning of the scene as if to say he's lost in whats going on around him rather than paying attention to his date, so making him seem dis-interested. Despite getting confronted on lets say his disability of irritable bowl syndrome I tried to maintain a pushover sort of persona so he doesn't really get angry. Using little eye contact my hope was to achieve an intimated fearful look.

Claire then was totally opposite in character approach. She was to be confrontational and disgusted by her date. In her mind she was far better than him and was looking for a anyway to show her disgust.

I tried to have the scene start of quite calm and build up the anger as she begins to make her point clear. The poses/actions I found where not overly animated as I wanted a really subtle but effective piece. I believed that there was a good foundation with the blocking and with lip sync, breakdowns and expressions the piece could go quite far.

Not much changed pose wise with this preview but the composition here shows how the scene could potentially be displayed.

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